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Spoil your self with a good massage

A lot of research on the effects of massage therapy has been carried out. According to one analysis, however, research supports the general conclusion that massage therapy is effective. The studies included in the analysis suggest that a single session of massage therapy can reduce:

  • state anxiety” (a reaction to a particular situation)
  • blood pressure
  • heart rate,

and multiple sessions can reduce

  • “trait anxiety” (general anxiety-proneness)
  • depression
  • pain.

In addition, recent studies suggest that massage may benefit certain conditions, for example:

  • Chronic Low Back Pain

  • Relieve pain from cancer

  • Neck pain

  • Joint pain

  • Anxiety

  • Mental health

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches

A good massage stimulates the production of endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that make the body feel good. This helps manage pain and may allow you to reduce the amount of painkillers you take. A massage can help decrease pain in the lower back, which may help prevent anxiety and depression.

There are many different styles of massage according to the needs of each of us. The most common is the Therapeutic Massage also known as Swedish massage, which is a whole-body massage designed to relax the muscles and joints.

Sports massage is a whole body massage which increased and enhanced blood circulation helps to relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and make for a faster recovery. Then, the relaxed muscles can experience an increase in range of motion and flexibility

Back massage is concentrated on the back, shoulder, arms and neck. Specifically to help reduce pain and tightness to the specific areas.

Leg massage  make you feel good, it has significant health benefits that aid relief from stress, disease, and pain. It is mostly refers to sportsman’s or people who stands a lot during the day.

Lymphatic Massage: is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery, most often a mastectomy for breast cancer.

Analytically the types of massage our physiotherapy center provides:

The most appropriate treatments will be selected upon the clinical judgment and the experience of our experienced personnel. Find out how you can benefit from adding massage therapy to your health and wellness regimen:

  • Relive Stress

  • Relive Postoperative Pain

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Manage Low-back Pain

  • Help Fibromyalgia Pain

  • Reduce Muscle Tension

  • Enhance Exercise Performance

  • Relieve Tension Headaches

  • Sleep Better

  • Ease Symptoms of Depression

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

  • Reduce Pain of Osteoarthritis

  • Decrease Stress in Cancer Patients

  • Decrease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

  • Promote Relaxation

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Help Chronic Neck Pain

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Decrease Migraine Frequency

  • Reduce Chemotherapy-related Nausea