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Suffering with back pain? Top tips to get you out of pain

2017-09-20T07:41:06+00:00 September 19th, 2017|

Every year one in three of us will get some form of back pain with most back pain affecting the lower back. In the majority of cases you will be able to manage this yourself with over-the-counter painkillers, by keeping mobile and exercising the affected area. It can last for anything from a few days or [...]

Treatment for neck pain

2017-09-20T07:38:51+00:00 September 18th, 2017|

Most neck pain can be treated with nonsurgical methods, with self-care at home and/or with guidance from a medical professional. Self-Care for Neck Pain If neck pain is not debilitating and didn’t start as the result of trauma, then often the pain can be treated by oneself. Self-care options for neck pain can include: Rest. With [...]

Top 10 tips to avoid a marathon disaster!

2017-09-20T07:18:31+00:00 September 2nd, 2017|

Over the past several months we have seen hundreds of marathon runners in the clinic with aches and pains that threatened their marathon training. If you are running the London Marathon this Sunday or any other marathon this year, here are our Complete Physio top 10 tips for the week before the big race and some [...]